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PowerPlex 2018

This year’s PowerPlex was an another successful event for over 1,000 attendees! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Kors Engineering booth or participated in one of our events. We always enjoy spending time with everyone and collaborating on…

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PowerPlex 2017

We hope that you plan to attend PowerPlex 2017 in Atlanta, GA. Please plan to stop by our booth to check out what's new & exciting. Or attend one of the below sessions: How to Reboot a Company with Plex…

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Save $474,500 each year with Mach2

The potential cost savings of implementing Mach2 is immense. The below example calculates the savings for a manufacturing plant with 20 integrated machines running 24/7. Each hour, an operator records production 10 times into an ERP system. This transaction consumes approximately…

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