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About Us

Kors Engineering provides comprehensive plant floor and facility systems integration and automation. For over 40 years Kors Engineering has delivered its customers in Southeast Michigan and the Midwest efficient systems that provide the best total cost of ownership through flexibility, scalability, and longevity.

Having over 25 years of experience per employee on average, Kors Engineering provides a diverse group of services, all directed towards creating customer value through greater operator and equipment efficiency. Our experience in mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering provides value added solutions to all of Kors’ customers.

Tony Kaczmarek

Tony is the president of Kors Engineering. To date, he has delivered over 25 years of service to the controls and business automation industry. He has provided key solutions to establish metrics, improve performance, and reduce waste while deploying open architecture and non-proprietary options. These solutions assure the best total cost of ownership, while establishing a business structure that is flexible, agile, and prepared for future technologies that will continue to enhance customer operations and products. Tony’s focus is to utilize off-the-shelf, best in class technologies that provide multi-source solutions to end users with world-class customer support.

Doug Gregory

Doug has a broad range of experience that he brings to Kors. Originally a programmer, Doug brings a technical perspective to the table. 15 years of Plex experience solidified Doug’s understanding of manufacturing, ERP and MES. Additionally, 6 years as a C-level executive has added leadership and business acumen to his skillset. Doug enjoys manufacturing and the ERP ecosystem, especially from the IIOT technical space that Kors specializes in.

Mike Arnott

Mike has been building manufacturing machine integration systems for over 25 years, 18 of those at Kors Engineering. An overactive compulsion to continually learn new things has kept him on the bleeding edge of technology in plant floor software technology. He has created solutions for automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, building automation and even detention facilities. A tinkerer at heart, there is always something interesting being built on his desk or in his garage. Current projects include a Skittles color sorter and a scratch-built 3 wheeled car powered by a motorcycle engine.

Mike is one of Kors Engineering’s Plex Partner Accredited Developers.

Brian Gillespie

Brian is a Detroit-based veteran in the manufacturing sector, brings almost three decades of global leadership experience to the innovative Kors Engineering team. Prior to joining Kors, Gillespie held executive sales roles at DataProphet, Citrine Informatics, Sight Machine, Imaginestics, and Plex Systems. In his role as Chief Sales Officer at Kors Engineering he is responsible for customer and partner development as well as developing market strategy to cement the company’s position as the premier integration solution partner for manufacturing companies.

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