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Customer Success Stories

Lisi Automotive Hi-Vol

Lisi Automotive Hi-Vol manufactures tight tolerance, highly engineered Fuel and Brake fittings. They have combined cold forging processes with high tech machining processes to reduce costs on precision tolerance metal parts. Lisi Automotive Hi-Vol is a “Phase 1” success story. Lisi Automotive Hi-Vol was able to implement Mach2 and Plex at the same time, using much of Mach2’s “out of the box” functionality.

Thai Summit America

See how Thai Summit America uses MACH2 in their world class facilities to identify and reduce issues in their process, improve performance and increase overall efficiency. With the aid of MACH2, Thai Summit America was able to improve cycle times over the past 6 months and save over 5 million dollars.

Fisher Dynamics

Fisher & Company (AKA Fisher Dynamics) has a long history of making intelligent business decisions in the midst of complex and evolving manufacturing climates. Using this history of intelligent business decisions, Fisher has also been a successful pioneer of IIoT technology. Building on their IIoT success, Fisher has adopted MACH2 company-wide and expanded its use both geographically and functionally.

Newman Technology

For over 25 years, Newman Technology has produced quality parts and developed solutions for the motor vehicle markets. Quality, innovation, and continuous improvement has made Newman Technology one of the top suppliers of Exhaust, Door Frame, and Exterior Trim products in North America. To support the demanding customer requirements, Newman Technology has implemented machine integration solutions via MACH2 from Kors Engineering.

  • Serialized Pieces
  • Small Lot Packout
  • Shop Floor Monitoring
  • Scoreboards
  • Door Sash Error Proofing
  • Tracking Sleeve and Dunnage Reuse

Sanoh America

Sanoh America has demanding automotive customers such as Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, GM, Chrysler and Volkswagen. To meet these demanding customer requirements, the team at Sanoh, Brian Aller – Director of Production Control and IT, Tim Marsell – IT Department Manager and Jason Murray – ERP Data Systems Supervisor, have implemented a diverse set of machine integration solutions via MACH2 from Kors Engineering.

  • Serialized Pieces with Verified Packing to Standard Shipping Quantities
  • Small Lots Packout
  • Scoreboards
  • Verified Tooling
  • Process Metering
  • Lineside Labeling
  • Automated Workcenter Setup

Marion Industries

Marion Industries has achieved world-class standing as a Honda supplier.  Their integrated, error-proofed processes, in combination with empowered, informed and incented employees has created the EGI culture of success.  MACH2 integration is the tool that pulls it all together.

Small Lot Sequencing

Using the MACH2 Product and Platform, the Kors Engineering team and many customers have successfully implemented Small Lot Sequencing. MACH2 can handle your unique needs of Small Lots. Don’t miss-ship again! MACH2 seamlessly builds accurate pack outs by validating source inventory with serialized individuals. There are numerous ways to handle small lots. In this white paper we will explore EG Industries’ successful small lot process.

Weigh Scale Integration

Kors Engineering was recently approached by multiple customers with weigh scale integration applications. Using the MACH2 Product and Platform, Kors and these customers successfully accommodated varying scale technology, scale workflows and Plex processes in time frames measured in days, not weeks. In this whitepaper we will explore the diversity involved in scale integration and how these customers were successful in automating scale processes.

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