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Plant Floor Automation,

Controls and System Integration

Kors Engineering is a premier systems integrator and automation and controls provider for manufacturers and other industrial facilities. Kors Engineering delivers quantifiable results in cost reductions, time savings and process efficiencies. For more than 40 years Kors Engineering has executed projects to improve systems and business processes on the shop floor and throughout the entire enterprise.
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What data is important on the plant floor?

There is value in every piece of information on your plant floor – the key is finding the right value, the best cost versus benefit. For over 40 years we’ve lived on the plant floor, bringing our customers important data – millions of points of information – to help them run their processes.  We’ve found the signal that rises above the noise to add value, to allow you to take action, to give you perspective and transparency into your plant floor.  That signal is information based off of the cycle during production.

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