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Kors Engineering Announces Robust Growth in Industrial Marketplace

Plant floor integration drives productivity for manufacturers

WATERFORD, Mich., February 20, 2013 – Kors Engineering, a premier service provider for manufacturing and industrial organizations, today announced continued growth in diverse markets by helping manufacturers automate transactions with plant floor machine integration.

Kors focused on expanding its customer base in 2012 and now have customers in the diverse industries of metalforming, hide-processing, food packaging, chrome plating, forging and driveline systems production facilities.

There are a total of 43 plants leveraging Kors’ PleXML tool to integrate programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other plant floor systems in order to automate processes and capture and share production data. More than 1300 work centers are integrated through Kors’ PleXML tool, with 30 percent located outside of the United States.

With nearly 300 million transactions automated to date, Kors estimates that PleXML customers have saved almost 250,000 hours with more than six million dollars saved.

“I’m proud to share that PleXML is enabling over 600,000 automated transactions on a daily basis, improving production output and quality and helping manufacturers successfully compete in a challenging marketplace,” said Tony Kaczmarek, president of Kors Engineering. “Manufacturers quickly grasp the advantages that PLC and plant floor integration brings to the enterprise. It automatically captures accurate data and frees workers from conducting repetitive tasks, allowing then to focus on higher value production activities.”

Kors Engineering also provides facility and industrial controls solutions, as well as optimizing energy management to ensure an efficient use of resources for major OEMs and suppliers. Kors Engineering’s mission is to provide services that create customer value through greater operator and equipment efficiency.

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