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Kors Engineering Continues Expansion in 2011

Customers Benefiting from Improved Transparency and Operational Efficiency

Kors Engineering, a premier service provider for manufacturing and industrial organizations, today announced continued growth in 2011, winning eight new customers at eight facilities in North America. The new clients engaged Kors Engineering to provide machine integration to ERP services and add enhancements to their manufacturing processes.

New client deployments include a major industrial heavy equipment manufacturer; a supplier of fabricated and value-added assemblies to the automotive and recreational vehicle markets; a manufacturer of fasteners; a safety-critical precision metal parts company that is a supplier of seat mechanisms to the automotive industry; a Canadian corporation providing exhaust solutions for engines and a supplier of cast exhaust manifolds for passenger cars and trucks; a developer of high-performance elastomer-coated materials to manufacturers; a global supplier serving OEMs in automotive, commercial, defense, marine, and industrial industries and a full service supplier of innovated magnesium die casting components and assemblies in the global automotive market.

Kors Engineering is committed to creating transparency and providing visibility into the manufacturing equipment, systems and PLCs on the plant floor. PleXML enables ERP systems to leverage data that has always been available, but previously inaccessible without a great deal of effort due to inefficient legacy architecture and protocols.

PleXML has now integrated more than 650 customer work centers to Cloud ERP Plex Online resulting in an average of over 500,000 automated transactions daily, saving Plex Online customers approximately $20,000 each day in manual data entry. PleXML has automated nearly 140 million transactions for Plex Online customers. Reducing the necessity of staff entering data and the associated errors that manual entry can cause, systems integration enables staff to focus on other, higher value activities. PleXML can automatically gather detailed information about manufacturing and assembly operations.

“It’s virtually impossible to efficiently manage your operations if you can’t understand the performance and health of the lifeblood of your operations: the plant floor,” said Kors Engineering President Tony Kaczmarek. “PleXML – combined with Cloud ERP solution Plex Online – demystifies manufacturing data to make it visible throughout the enterprise, empowering companies to strategically execute decisions quicker.”

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