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Mach2 Customers Surpasses 1.5 Billion Transactions

Kors Engineering’s Mach2 customers have stealthily, as of sometime in April, surpassed 1.5 Billion transactions with Plex.  Integrated PLCs, controllers, torque tools, vision systems, bar code readers/printers, databases, operator interfaces, and many other systems have all contributed to this awesome benchmark.  With our customers, our partners, and our team, Mach2 has shot well past 100 plants around the globe, and nearly 70 Plex customers.  With around 80 to 90% of the thousands of workcenters integrated by our customers and Plex partners, it’s a testament to the flexibility, capability, usability, and reliability.

Thanks to all of our customers who make this happen – we know each and every one of you, and thank you for your contribution to this effort, and working every day to make a better product.  We look forward to working with those that haven’t joined the Mach2 community as well.

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