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Take a tour of our MACH2 Screens

The below screens are available in the MACH2 “Day One Experience.”

OEE Production Scoreboard

MACH2 includes OEE Production Scoreboards that display performance information on each workcenter (Target vs. Actual, Cycle Time, Uptime, Etc). This view provides details and/or trends of the performance data being collected and/or calculated. Multiple content boxes break down performance information in different ways to expose areas to target downtime, availability and performance.

Operator Actions

The operator graphical view is intended to be a workcenter operator’s main view into your ERP. This view provides as much information as possible about the status of a workcenter and production recording. The operators can view the current counts, job statuses and information/attributes about their job/part. This screen also includes an at-a-glance view of the last 24-hour performance via the color-coded Gantt chart.

Operator Menu

In MACH2’s Operator Menu you are able to access many different areas of MACH2. It allows the operator to be able to view a specific workcenter, manage workcenters, edit page content as well as being able to manage the shop floor screen and shop floor configuration.

Whiteboard View

Many manufacturing plants leverage antiquated dry-erase whiteboards that are updated manually, taking operators away from value-add work. MACH2’s Whiteboard View synchronizes your plant floor with your ERP to provide real time views on your plant floor, easily replacing old practices of handwriting on whiteboards.

Area Information Overview

MACH2 Standard Area Information View provides an overview of your plant floor based on areas. Each workcenter is assigned an area during setup. There are various details provided about the job and part, production information, along with performance information and some simple color coding to indicate workcenter status.

Workcenter Management

Workcenter Management allows you to be able to create and move workcenters within MACH2. It also gives you the ability to create areas to better identity the workcenters throughout a facility.

Information Logs

Within MACH2 lies detailed Information Logs. Within these logs, you are able to view the various error logs, activity logs and set-up logs. These can be customized to view whatever events are deemed necessary to log within your process.

Weigh Scale Integration

Weigh Scale Integration allows you to be able to ensure you have the right part and quantities of the given product. MACH2 can accommodate varying scale technology, scale workflows and ERP processes.

Piece Serialization Screen

The Piece Serialization Screen is able to track serialized pieces for safety critical customer requirements. MACH2 can automatically collect the piece serial numbers from the workcenters and verify its the correct model and count. This creates piece level traceability.

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