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         Services Offered

Systems Integration/Plant Floor Automation

Kors Engineering has a great depth of experience is with facility automation. Kors Engineering has created MACH2 in order for manufacturing companies to gain control of their plant floor operations.

MACH2 is an integration software platform that interacts with your shop floor machines and systems to provide real-time usable, actionable information. MACH2 is a browser-based system with production dashboard and scoreboards that can be customized to your unique business needs. With MACH2, machine activity can also be automatically synced with your ERP system for seamless operations throughout your business.

To Learn More About MACH2, (Click Here)

PLC Programming

Kors provides extensive PLC services in the Allen Bradley, Modicon, Telemecanique, EZPLC, Automation Direct series of PLCs as well as associated control panels, network architecture, and system design

Electrical Circuits.  The electric wire behind the control board with lighting effect,Industrial Electrical Concept. Wiring PLC Control panel with wires industrial factory

Preventive/Predictive Maintenance

Increase facility and process uptime by aggregating real-time data into your maintenance system. Communicate run-time limits, system alarms, and other field data to your maintenance systems. Turn your systems into true preventive and even predictive maintenance systems by monitoring temperatures, vibration, currents, and other tell-tale signs of equipment breakdown. Deliver work-orders into mobile PDA systems to allow field workers to remotely address work orders, details, parts, contacts and other data. Managers reap the benefits of tracking equipment history, labor allocation & accountability, and other valuable information.

Energy Management

A natural fit into facility automation, energy management systems allow customers to better understand their benchmark usage, distribution, and power quality. Powerful reporting capabilities can reveal problems with equipment, routing, and general infrastructure. Combined with facility automation, customers can take advantage of load shedding, balancing, and other energy controls. Additional scheduling can be implemented to assure energy is consumed only during occupied or operational hours – or minutes if you’re really aggressive! With open architecture systems, multiple utilities like compressed air, water, steam, and gas can be combined with your electricity, to understand the full usage of your equipment and facilities

HVAC Control Systems

Kors Engineering provides non-proprietary control systems for control of Air Handling Units (AHU), Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes, exhaust fans, pumps, chillers, boilers, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), and other HVAC system components. The control systems include local operator interfaces, graphical interfaces, energy efficient algorithms, real-time data, historical trending, and comprehensive controls.

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